Cost Less Energy opened in 1979 as a communications company and we wired the Yakima Valley for the brand new introduction to our local cities of Cable TV.  We expanded and offered early adopters the opportunity to purchase products that were brand new to the market.  We offered VHS and BETA Video Tapes in our Video Store, VHS won that consumer battle and BETA vanished. Then we sold Laser Discs for high quality movies and we rented the Laser Disk players for those who did not buy one from us. Next came 10-12 foot diameter Satellite Dishes, we sold hundreds of those to rural people without access to Cable TV.  New players in years to come, Dish and Direct TV would reduce the Dish size down to 24 inches or less. WOW!

But for a decade, we offered HBO, Showtime, News, Weather, Disney and Playboy channels to everyone. Today we offer you the opportunity to reduce or eliminate your energy bills.  And today, our products offer a 100% return on investment! If you buy one of our products you may be able to get all of your Money back and enjoy the cost savings for decades to come.

We were given an award as one of America's Top Solar Contractors in 2013. We offer you quality products, Sales, Installation and Service, if ever required. We have been here for 35 years and plan on serving you for decades to come. We offer you the best investment of your money available today, 100% ROI!




  • Finally, this year, we had COST LESS ENERGY

    Dr. D.E. - West Valley
    Finally, this year, we had COST LESS ENERGY install 21 more panels, eliminating our Electric Bill.  This project evolved over several years and now our Electric Bill is $0...
  • We absolutely love our Solar System

    T.C. - The Nile Valley
    We absolutely love our Solar System. COST LESS ENERGY came highly recommended to us. We had a couple other quotes but did not feel comfortable making a decision on who to choose...

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